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15 January, 2019





GP14 Association Perth Sailing Program 2018/2019 v4.0
          This version: 10th  Jan 2019  
October 2018     January 2019  
Sat 6 Opening Day Regatta and Basil Wright Memorial Race MBSC   Sun 6 River Cruise MBSC
Sun 14  Club Championship Heat 1  MBSC   Sun 13 River Cruise MBSC1
Sun 21 Casper Cup Ht 1 Short races MBSC   Sun 20  Club Race MBSC
Sun 28 Nanette Too H’cap start Ht 1 (Club Race 1) MBSC    Sun 27 Australia Day w/end - Albany  
November       February    
Sun 4 Silver Anniversary Ht 1
(Club Race 2) 
MYC   Sun 3 Silver Anniversary Ht 2 (Short)
(Club Championship Heat 4)
Sun 11 Club Championship Heat 2  MBSC1   Sun 10 Club Championship Heat 5  MBSC
Sun 18  Casper Cup Ht 2 Short races  MBSC   Sun 17 Casper Cup Ht 4 Short races MBSC 
Sun 25 River Cruise (Club Race 3) MBSC   Sun 24 River Cruise (Club Race 7) MBSC1,2
December       March    
Sun 2 Club Championship Heat 3  MBSC1   Sun 3  Labour Day Long Weekend   
Sat 8 Xmas BBQ @ Chateau Quail     Sun 10

Bayswater Regatta

Casper Cup Ht 5 Short races 



Sun 9  Casper Cup Ht 3 Short races   MBSC    Sun 17 Club Championship Heat 6  
Sun 16 Nanette Too H’cap start Ht 2
(Club Race 4 & Club Xmas)
MBSC   Sun 24 Three of a Kind Veterans Day MBSC 
         Sun 31 Club Heat & Schneider Cup MBSC
  Xmas Break     April    
  Notes:     Sun 7 Casper Cup Ht 6 Short races  MBSC 
  Races at MBSC & Maylands begin at 2.00 pm.

Short Races - There are usually 2 or 3 races held in the bay, around buoys laid for the event.

  Sat 13 Closing Day
Flag Officers Trophy
Club Championship Heat 7
  Handicap Starts. Start when the number of your handicap is lowered from the start boat. Countdown usually starts at handicap 20 with the number reduced by 1 every minute.        

Consistency Trophy: Count all MBSC Club Heats 

Club Heats. Are now based on club handicap results.

Casper Cup: short races on non-handicap basis. 


Heirisson Island race + BBQ



1 Pedro availability

2 Cocktail Cherry & Eshowe away



Download a copy of the program here : GPFIX18-19 Jan10v4.docx