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05 March, 2018




Regatta Results

Knotting Hill Winery Regatta - Jan 2018

It seems these days it takes more than just having a friendly tussle on the water with like-minded sailors to get the GP14 fraternity in Western Australia spurred into action! The promise of a fun day sailing on a small dam in a winery located in the famous Margaret River region drew them out the woodwork. The annual Knotting Hill Winery Regatta saw 3 Geeps from Mounts Bay Sailing Club travel the 3 hours south of Perth to join another 3 Geeps from Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club (to be honest we couldn’t comfortably fit many more on the dam at once!) plus a scattering of Minnows and Splash dinghies for the youngsters resulted in what is always a memorable event. The now familiar family banter between competing father and son Fowler could be heard across the dam much to the amusement of all. The first late morning race was shortened due to the typically fickle light winds whereby luck was as much a factor as skill but after a delightful lunch imbibing as much liquid as solid fuel, the wind built up for the next three close finishing races. Morgan and John in Slow Coach took out the first race with Bruce and Steve in La Rousse pipping the post in the next two. A hefty impact at the top mark between La Rousse and Cocktail Cherry showed violence does not always win, relegating La Rousse to the back end of the fleet but it was not enough to lose the title! Final positions were 1st Bruce and Steve in La Rousse, with a monster 5 litre red as top prize, 2nd Louis and Tom in Cocktail Cherry with a white magnum, and Morgan and John with a regular white in 3rd. As always, grateful thanks to Michael and Sondra of Knotting Hill Winery for their donation of wine, marron and meal vouchers for prizes plus thanks to the DBYC members for organising and managing the event.





Knotting Hill Winery Regatta - Jan 2016

Unique Sailing on Winery Dam


A first attendance for the GP14 Association and what a great event it turned out to be! Sailing on a small body of water with flukey winds made for some great racing and the wonderful comraderie in that apsrt of the world is always a delight. The newsletter has a full account of the racing, along with a video record on the Links and Videos page



A tremendous day of non-stop sailing of heats and finals at Knotting Hill Winery in the Margaret River wine region of Western Australia was a winner for us and certain to become a January fixture in our calendar for the future. The annual regatta on a winery dam resulted in a huge crowd of supportive parents, members and visitors enjoying the picnic atmosphere,  the fierce competition  and the colourful spectacle of boats, sails and spinnakers on the dam.  The wind stayed with the sailors all day and the gusts and angles of wind on the land-locked water made for interesting situations around the buoys in such a restricted area!


The Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club organised event was attended by their junior sailors in Minnows with three

Splash dinghies sailed by both Youth and Senior sailors providing keen interest and competition as usual. 


Three GP14s came down from Perth to join two from DBYC – considered a crowd on a small stretch of water. Tussles were keen and noisy as spinnakers flew at all angles and gusts tested the sailors’ patience and fortitude.  There was a lot of banter from onlookers, as there was nowhere for the sailors to  hide in the  restricted area around the course. The tussles between father and son in the Flower family were in deadly earnest, sometimes providing a race within  the race – to the amusement and comments of onlookers!  The loss and subsequent recovery of a GoPro off La Rousse’s boom added further interest to a memorable outing.



1.  Bruce Quail/Steve Heywood in La Rousse                             (Mounts Bay SC)             

2.  Louis Proksch/Steve Dickinson in Cocktail Cherry                   (Mounts Bay SC)

3.  Morgan Flower/Finian Demoue in Slow Coach                        (DBYC)

4. Steve Flower/Trish Flower/James Myburgh in Black Adder        (DBYC)

5. Ian Greenham/Hawaii in Eshowe                                         (Mounts Bay SC)

A video of some of the racing can be seen here


Flying Fish regatta - Not Held 2016
What was a unique 'turn-around' interclub regatta at Dunsborough where teams sail everyone else's boat except their own, was then integrated into the Blackwood Challenge as a team cup but due to the Blackwood Challenge not being held in 2016 it was again not competed for. Read accounts of the original races here : 20072008


Blackwood Challenge - Not Held 2016

An annual pilgrimage to Augusta is made by several boats from Perth and Dunsborough to take advantage of the great Augusta Yacht Club facilities and hospitality. Sailing on the Blackwood River with it's notoriously gusty winds is always a challenge so AYC have now delayed this annual event from January to April when fairer weather is expected.

Previous Blackwood diaries can be found here :

2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015



Refer to the Photo Gallery for more pictures of the various events we attend