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28 January, 2017




Flying Fish Regatta 2008


Team ‘Big Smoke’ snatch trophy in last race!                


Team captain Bruce Quail receiving the trophy from Vice Commodore and Flying Fish representative Lyndon Crocket

The winning "Team Big Smoke" from Perth plus local 'glamour' to help them along

Another clean start in beautiful Dunsborough

An exhausted Joan snoozing in the Plaka

The Flying Fish Floating Trophy


The 2008 Turnabout Regatta for the Flying Fish Cup was again held in Dunsborough over the first weekend in December with teams from the hosts Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club, Geographe Bay Yacht Club from Busselton and Team "Big Smoke" down from Perth for the occasion. Unfortunately Augusta Yacht Club could not raise a team this year.


It became apparent over the fun-filled weekend that the GP14 strict class design rules meant that there was not a lot of difference in performance between many of the boats, as evidenced by some of the skippers bringing out the best in every boat they sailed. This was because no skipper could sail in their own boat, but some seemed able to perform well even in a boat that was regarded as slow or had under-performed recently in the local Club events. This remains the unanswered question of the series – is it better to see your boat in the hands of another skipper leading the field when you normally achieve mediocre placing or is it more satisfying for you to be leading the field in someone else’s boat whilst watching your own pride and joy half way down the fleet?


After the initial start on Saturday afternoon the wind rose above the agreed 15 knot limit (given that we were all in unfamiliar boats) and thus racing was called off with an early start and 5 races scheduled for Sunday before noon.  The evening’s sausage sizzle at Jim and Judy’s house was well attended with many sailing stories retold for the umteenth time.


Gusty conditions during Sunday morning sent two boats over, and one had some trouble being righted, withdrawing from the race. The skipper hitched a ride to shore in the Plaka support boat, and rumour has it that one of the support crew had his foot on her chest and held her down until a photograph had been taken!  Needless to say that is censored material and no further details are forthcoming except for the compulsory photograph!


But the emphasis was on having fun on the water, and that combined with the excellent sailing conditions and camaraderie contributed to a great weekend. The overall lead changed several times during the close racing on a series of short courses, with hairy moments at the starts and around the buoys. A lot of the tacking duels produced strong competition and tactics definitely won the day for some of the crews, so there was much to be learnt over the weekend. After a hard fought series of six races over the weekend, Team "Big Smoke" from Perth snatched a win in the last race of the day, with GBYC in 2nd place and DBYC losing the cup this year.


A couple of the fairer sex of DBYC sailed for the visiting "Big Smoke" boats as they were short of crew, and possibly their expertise gave that  team the winning edge!  Trish Flower was heard to remark that she had never been over the line FIRST before, and so she well may have got the bug for sailing again, so Morgan and Steve may have to be on their mettle! Congratulations to the GBYC team whose young sailors performed so well in a class unfamiliar to them and who reminded us of what talent we have in our sailing youngsters.


A big thank you to those who kindly lent their boats, the beach crew who made the event possible and to our sponsor Flying Fish Wines for their generous ongoing support of the DBYC club and this event.


2007 Flying Fish Regatta Report